The 2 Life Insurance Policies you Need to Avoid at All Costs

Not all life insurance policies are created equal (like the products found on DoCoop Website). While some play a crucial role in providing security and protection, there are also those that are completely unnecessary and only rob policy owners of hard-earned money.

In this article, we will provide you with some insurance products that you should never consider buying altogether!

  • Travel or accident insurance

Travel or accident insurance simply does not make any sense. The transportation industry has immensely improved in the past few decades. Majority of us arrive at our destinations safely and without hassle. Instead of wasting your money on this type of policy, you can simply get a rider on top of your policy? If you are a high-risk client who works dangerous jobs or living a risky lifestyle, this may be a more affordable option for you.

  • Whole or universal life insurance

One thing that we all need to reinforce in ourselves is that life insurance is a tool that delivers financial security for dependents. It’s never meant to be an investment in the first place. With permanent life insurance such as whole life and universal, insurers, policy owners are assessed with higher premiums regardless of their health status, age, gender, and lifestyle. What makes these insurance products more expensive is that extra money paid is being invested by the insurer. If the insurance companies fail to earn from such investments, your money doesn’t grow altogether.

Life insurance is an undeniably excellent tool to ensure that your family will have enough money for the future without you in the picture. The need for security decreases as we grow old as our careers flourish and more opportunities come our way that generate more money. With this said, term life insurance is the perfect life insurance policy for whatever your need may be!


Full Coverage Or Liability – What do you prefer?

Car insurance is something that every driver must have by law. It is insurance that is a necessity, and is offered by many companies today. Many insurance companies offer great premiums that are affordable (you can compare car insurance rates), but do not have excellent coverage. On the other hand, you can find the best coverage available, but the price might be too high. As a result of this, you need to compare what is offered by multiple companies so that you can get the best deal possible on the coverage that you need. These tips will help you locate companies that have excellent premiums with the best possible coverage, allowing you to save money on your car insurance rates.

Full Coverage Or Liability?

If you want full coverage, it’s usually because you are paying on a new vehicle that you have purchased. If you are ever in an accident, especially if other people are involved, it’s good to have collision, comprehensive coverage, and everything else associated with full coverage today. If you don’t, this could become very expensive for you if you are ever in a large accident. Likewise, if you are driving a car that is paid for, that is not that valuable, liability insurance is the best way to go.

Consider Your Current Situation

In order to find the lowest possible premiums that can offer you the coverage that you need, you have to consider where you are in life, and what type of vehicle that you drive. If you are going to college, and maintaining a certain GPA, you can get good discounts on your premiums as a result of your high grade point average. If you don’t drive a lot, this can also save you a lot of money. The less you are on the road, the less likely it will be that you will be in an accident. As a result of this, the premiums that you pay will be far less. You should also think about the type of car that you drive. If it is a basic vehicle that gets good gas mileage, a four-door sedan or a two-seat economy car, your premiums will be far less than if you drive a Dodge Viper, or any other type of legal sports car on a regular basis.

Finding The Lowest Premiums

Although you can find great rates with top rated companies such as Farmers, State Farm, and Geico, you can also find exceptional rates with lesser-known companies that are using businesses on the web to provide quotes for people online. You can check out these companies with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that they are legitimate. If they are, and if they have good coverage with lower rates, this might be the best way to go. Lower premiums can always be found, especially if you have a great driving record, so if you’re premium right now is too high, by getting multiple quotes for different companies, you can always lower your existing car insurance rates.

One final thing to consider the type of coverage that you actually need. If your vehicle will be paid off in the near future, you can look forward to a much lower premium. If someone gives you a car, or if you are switching to a different type of vehicle, all of these factors can help you reduce how much you pay for your car insurance premium. Using these tips, you should now be able to go online, submit your information, and get information on lower car insurance rates today.

Broadway Shows Are In Danger Of Becoming Extinct: Watch Now Before It’s Too Late

stencil.default (2)Like Vaudeville and the other smaller-scale theater cultures that came before, Broadway is now in danger of becoming a touchstone of the past, in the sense that it may become a waning exhibit of the musical and theatrical roots of other media like televisions shows, movies, and, – gasp! – online video shows.

However, is Broadway really stuck on the road to becoming a museum piece? It may be that this isn’t necessarily the case, as the elements of musical theater itself may be what will save musicales from becoming historical artifacts in themselves.


Lights, Camera, Action!

stencil.default (1)


The very first thing that musicals have going for them is the element of the live performance. In an age where people can easily edit their performances with multiple camera angles, multiple takes, and edited footage, a live performance brings to it a certain manic intensity that, when pulled off by professionals in musical theater, can elevate what most people normally see in YouTube footage to an in-your-face, visceral experience.

stencil.default (3)For example, it’s one thing to watch online and film versions of musicals like Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, or Rent, but it’s another thing to see it being performed right in front of you in full, non-auto-tuned singing and acting glory.
It’s probably because of how distant watching through a camera is. A camera affords you only one point of view – the camera’s. In that sense, you are only an observer of the highest passive order. Heck, you don’t even have to watch the musical in real time, really. You can pause the feed, even stop it, and watch it later.

It’s not the same when you experience the full impact of a live performance. There, you become an active observer, where you decide what the “camera angle” is by looking around as the stage play or musicale is happening. You can also choose to focus on set pieces, performances of secondary actors, or even “zoom in” on the performance of one lead actor, bereft of all the editing and mono-eye focus that a filmed version through a camera will give.

In a very real sense, watching a live performance is the immersion that many people now lack when they do watch musicals and movies online. It’s that ability to turn away that also makes the online experience distant and a distraction from really having fun in experiencing and watching a musical.