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Here are Top 5 Reasons why you should be Eating Avocados Everyday

Avocados are undoubtedly rich and creamy. People from the world over love avocados mainly due to its excellent taste, texture, and versatility as a food ingredient. If you want all the more reason to up your avocado intake, here are some reasons that will convince you to do so quickly!

  • Avocado contains more than 20 vital nutrients. Some of the notable vitamins and minerals that avocacoes have are:
  • Folate at 31% daily value
  • Potassium at 21% daily value
  • Vitamin C at 25% daily value
  • Vitamin K at 39% daily value
  • Vitamin E at 16% daily value
  • The fibers you can find in an avocado helps in proper elimination. In addition, the high fiber content also means that regular consumption of this fruit can relieve digestive upsets including constipation.
  • Avocadoes are high in good cholesterol. This makes it an excellent food item to integrate in the diet of people suffering from heart disease, or those who are at risk of developing them in the future.
  • Avocadoes have high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols that battle inflammation. These nutrients tackle inflammatory processes with its high concentration of plant-based antioxidants
  • The combination of high antioxidants and Vitamin C (which is also found in all types of Serum For Your Eyes products) are guaranteed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin too!